Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Because I graduated today with a semester 4.0 and got my associates degree, I decided to treat myself to a little something. I'm so glad I finished my degree, and I'm done with it. I could go back to school if I so choose, but it might take a year or so. We'll see.

So this is how I rewarded myself.
My boss said this little guy needed a new home, and hoggonit I just happen to have a place for him. And wouldn't you know I've always wanted one. His name is Wedgie, and I can't take credit for the name, but he sure does fit the profile. He's so cute, and i've only had him a few hours, so i think he's still a little weirded out by the whole deal. But i think, in time, he'll grow to love us. I fell in love the minute i met him. Expect many pictures of the little guy. :D


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