Saturday, June 27, 2009

Meet Yachiru

So today, almost exactly a month after I got her as a gift, I took my new kite out for a spin. You see, the weather is either Tornadic, or it is beautiful and calm. Neither of those are great for kite flying. Today, I managed to get home from work in time for a storm to be rolling in, which of course, brings the wind. A little. A teeny tiny bit. Minutely. But enough.

So I drove to the nearest park, and it was crowded, and I mean Brett Michaels backstage crowded, with little kids and fat soccer moms and maybe 4 or 5 birthday parties. Needless to say, I bypassed that park and went to the next closest. It's a beautiful park with plenty of green grass, (which this Carolinian transplant is glad to feel under her toes), and a little jungle gym. I parked the car and pulled out my little kite (Kenny is still recovering from some injuries-- I need to get those taken care of because he is fun to fly as well) and walked on the cool grass, the breeze flapping my ponytail lazily in the wind. I took the time to unravel her, so happy that there was seemingly enough of a breeze to help pick up this little kite, and I put her little cross pieces together, and I walked to the end of the string.

And then I stood there. No wind. I waited. Ooh, a small gust! I picked her up and away she went, Whooosh!!! I managed to get a left twist out of her, and then right twist to unravel her twist, and then she lazily headed back to the ground, as if to say "enough of this. I'm going to sit a while." Sigh. I waited a while, and I mean maybe 10 minutes, and tried several times to no avail. Denver Colorado just doesn't offer beach wind like I'm used to.

So that got me to thinking. I named my other kite Kenpachi Zaraki after the 11th Court Guard Squad Captain from the series Bleach. He is tough, likes to fight, and enjoys challenge. His real power is hidden behind his eye patch, and he really only likes to fight if it's fun. That pretty much describes my big kite, because it took me some time to get good enough to control him, and every once in a while, he would just take off, almost lifting me off the ground. That's real power there.

He has a Lieutenant, and her name is Yachiru Kusajishi. She and Kenny have been pals since the beginning. She is small, cute, easy going, stubborn, and has no sense of direction. From my experience, my little kite pretty much fits that description perfectly. When I get her off the ground, she'll fight for a minute, or lose track of where the wind is supposed to be coming from, and then give up and lazily float to the ground, making me walk all the way over to her, flip her over, and try again.

So Kenny and Yachiru are together now, and while Kenny's string is broken, I'll be fixing that shortly, and if I can get some wind that wont destroy a tree, I can fly my kites.


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