Friday, August 12, 2005

New Updates on Foot!

Hello! Remember foot? Remember the trouble foot was having? (see previous posting, diary of a left leg, more about left leg, and leg is better) Eeeyah, well, foot is not better. Foot is swelling again, and is in quite an unhappy state. It pops quite loudly when i bend my toe, and when there's pressure against it, it pops in and out of joint. Now this is not leg, leg had a spider bite, and leg got medicine, but this is foot itself. Poor unhappy foot. Soon to be out of comission again. Sigh.... Will my poor feet know no end?!



I am a huge fan of personification. Giving life to inanimate objects is one of life's great pleasures. Tell Foot I hope the swelling goes down, and then tell Leg to quit getting seduced into a tryst with Spider Bite--it never works out to Leg's advantage.


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