Sunday, August 12, 2007


I dont post stuff like this very often, but it's dads like this that beat the shit out of their kids that really teach them a lesson.

Man Vs Kids Part 2 - Watch more free videos

Go kids! I don't think child protective services needed to be called. I think the kids have things under control.



I am going to recreate that shot for shot. I bet that my kid can take a real punch to the stomach better than those dweebs.
Big Brother

6:22 PM  

I saw this on the Dvorak blog and all kinds of people were commenting about how terrible it was that he was hitting these kids. I mean c'mon! Nobody is hitting anybody. They are just barely touching each other and adding sound effects. I think it's a really cool home-made KungFu move. I watched "Enter the Dragon" on tv the other day and I was really surprised at how poorly the movie held up. It just looked really dumb to me now.

8:37 PM  

It's styrofoam so even if they do get bonked in the head it doesn't matter, but it's so damn cute when the kids go, "hi-ya!! I love this video.

9:02 PM  

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