Thursday, September 13, 2007

Drama of a Right Leg and Left Knee

So, I was helping Steve epoxy his garage floor, which is sweet by the way. I'll use this lovely tree frog (who thought it would be funny to land on wet epoxy HA HA HA) to model it. We had to chase him around with badminton rackets to pick him up and free the dragon. And by we I mean I because Steve decided that it was in his best interest to not touch a frog.He's cute, no? Okay, so it was fun to do the whole thing, it was a lot of work, and it took us 4 days because dry time and what not did vary, but you can see the whole process here. And oil is a PAIN IN THE ASS to get off a garage floor, so I suggest if you are wanting to do this, do it to a new house or buy a LOAD of that oil removing stuff. Anyway, at one point or another, there was a spot we missed and so steve rolled it over again, and I had to sprinkle it. Trouble was, I couldn't reach. So in high Baryshnikov/ Pavlova move, he grabbed my hand and I leeeeeeaned out there to try and sprinkle. I got the sprinkle, but I kinda swung around and smacked face first into the wall, dipped my bare knee (i was wearing shorts) itno the epoxy, and then I did a little damage to my other knee:
So we get the garage done, and all is well, and then it starts to rain. Most of the stuff has gone into Steve's laundry room and "mud room" (which is definately a sight i should've taken a picture of) and the rest (the crap) has gone into the driveway. His firebird, car, and motorcycle all sit in the drive way You can sortof see it there. Please note the ultra sexy shoes with no socks. I gave him ENDLESS shit about it all night.) Well it just had to start raining. I suggested to steve that maybe when we were done, he could take the bike to his work and park it there, and I could drive his car to his work and he could drop me off at home and bada-bing, we're good to go. He jumps on the bike, I get in the car, and we go the 20 some miles to his work (that's important, remember that.) We get to his work, and steve has to park his bike by the garage door, get off his bike, and go unlock the door to get into the building, and then unlock the garage door from the inside. He hops off the bike and starts around the building, and I thought i'd be a good girlfriend and start up the bike and show him how good I was and pull it into the garage. It was on a slope, so I seriously doubted my abilities, but I jumped on the bike anyway, and Kinda grabbed the brake and OMFG MY LEG LANDED ON THE TAILPIPE THAT HAD 26 MILES OF HEAT ATTACHED TO IT!!!!!

And this is how I was rewarded for that genius action...
(I cut it for the squeamish. The quarter is so you have something to compare it to.)

So today was a day of being very fucking careful on what i touched (it was covered, don't worry) but it still hurt a lot. And I was doing my very best all day not to shriek when I bumped it against my other leg or the chair. It's airing out right now because the pharmacist told me it was best to let it air a bit and let it heal enough that it doesn't ooze as much, and then put the neosporin on it to help keep it from scarring like a BEOTCH. Good news is, that patch of my leg will no longer grow hair, and for the 45 minutes of utter searing pain (we had no ice or coolant or anything, and to steve's credit, he did ask me if i wanted to get some, but i declined and pulled the tough "Naw, i'll walk it off" move) it was worth it to me. I can avoid that place when I shave my legs, and if i ever get my legs waxed, they can't charge me for that square foot of my leg. And I spent most of my night tonight taking care of it, and not doing what I was supposed to be doing, so I'm going to go do that now.


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