Monday, November 05, 2007

Conspiracy Theory

Beatrice is a conspiracy Theorist. I caught her at a typewriter the other day, madly tapping out the great banana and chicken conspiracy of 2007. I quietly snuck up behind her to read what she was furiously getting off her chest, but I didn't get to read a lot of it before she turned on me and started chasing me around the house. What i could read was:

"The elders are against us. They do not feed us what they know we need. They are holding back. The red haired female seems to control what it is that goes into my diet, but I cannot let that stand in the way of destroying her. There are things going on behind the fridge doors that frighten even me. Why is it that the cat, the oldest cat, gets the delicious flavors of the can whenever she meows loudly, and obnoxiously I might add, whilst i must be fed scraps and nasty putrid "Health food" and I am the quietest and most well behaved! It is time to fight back. The inconsistencies between the species in this household must be brought to the attention of a higher power. It is time to rise up, and bring equality to ME!!!!"

I'm definitely keeping an eye on her. I have yet to find evidence of an uprising through her blog, but I'm sure she has blogs that i don't know about. I shall keep my eyes and ears open.

Look dangerous to you? She's plotting something....


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