Sunday, July 05, 2009

4 of June er July!

I didn't go to any big shows today, which I'm kinda glad for. I really don't like traffic, and I don't like smokers, and I have small patience for stupid people. So instead, I spent the evening with my nephew, my brother, and my dad. My three favorite men, bar none. Buuut, because one of us was being a naughty boy all night (Kris, I'm looking at yoooo-uuuu) we decided to keep it kinda low key and just watch fireworks from my balcony. Well, two of us did. One of us said he wanted to watch, then changed his mind and became more interested in a balloon (Kriiii-iiiissss). Either way, it was still a lot of fun (until the very end), and I got a few pictures from it. Please click on all to get a better view.



We didn't see a single firework this year (due to camping), so it was nice to see some pics.

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