Saturday, August 13, 2005

Darth Tater vs. The Turtle

[Insert Imperial Theme here.]

This Is Darth Tater.

He walks down the hall only to be confronted by....

Beatrice Skywalker!!! Darth Tater trys to sway her by attempting to convince her that He is indeed her Uncle. But she says "No, you aren't, for I am an animal, and YOU are a vegtable! And I shall defeat you Darth Tater!"

She defeats him with a single move! Darth Tater is NO MATCH For Beatrice Skywalker! She slays him and puts Darth Tater in Tonights Potatos Au Gratin, and feeds 800 people! She is the hero of the universe and is praised by everyone![Sing skywalker theme here] [cheers and applause for Beatrice Skywalker!]



I burst out laughing at this post, it was so funny! I think I'm going to see if my Clunkski can't do what Beatrice did.

4:16 PM  

I wish Beatrice Skywalker had beaten Darth Tater with a lightsaber!
-- Jimmy

11:00 PM  

she doesn't really have thumbs, and the saberspoon is a little too big for her.

4:53 PM  

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