Thursday, September 29, 2005

How Do You Do?

I'm going to take this minute to talk about manners. But beforeI do, I would like everyone to understand that this message is intended for all the sickening customers I help day after day, and the few co-workers of mine that disgust me. They of course are not reading this blog. :D Yesterday, I was sitting near someone eating French fries and this person was eating with her mouth open so literally, I could see this persons teeth doing the work. Is it so hard to have decent manners? I mean, come on! Just close your damn mouth when you chew!! Now, my family is probably laughing at me because they think that I have bad manners. My manners are not spectacular, but they are not so bad that people around me want to throw up when eating near me. Please don't smack your food, and don't eat with your damn mouth open. If I wanted to see how your teeth work, I'd be a dentist!!
Next thing, phone manners. Don't just hang up the phone at the end of a conversation. Say goodbye, and then hang up the phone. Nobody likes to have the phone hung up on them. Be polite. Say hello and goodbye, and for the love of god don't eat chips into the telephone!!! That crunch crunch crunch makes it hard to hear your complaining and yelling at me.
When you are in a hurry, it might do you better to not tap tap tap your way through life. When someone I'm helping is tapping the counter or tapping their pen, or tapping their feet, I go slower. I just do. Are you truly so impatient that you can't take 1.5 minutes to check in? tap tap tap. It's impolite. How would you like it if I came to your job and tap tap tapped all day insinuating that you weren't going fast enough? Might get on your nerves awfully quick as well. Sorry for this rant folks, but I'm sure there are some of you out there that have to deal with these same problems. If you work in the service industry, it's more than likely that you experience them every day. Well, good luck with that.



Hey Lizabeth,
It's me Michelle. U are so dead on with this one. People are rude(Customers and our co-workers). I could only guess who the fry lady is!

7:31 AM  

At my last job, my assistant manager would click a pen all day long. He even did it while selling things to customers. Sometimes customers would leave and come back later when he was gone, and tell me how annoying he was. Bad for business.

11:23 AM  

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