Saturday, September 03, 2005

What I'm thinking about right now:

Since I'm kindof at a loss of what to say, and because most other blogs have the hurricane business covered, I'm going to talk about the thing I'm thinking about and trying to accomplish right now. That would be My family History. Kinda boring, I spose. But I'm just beginning, and I'm trying to find my way! I'm sortof hoping that anyone that reads this little corner of the internet will have some information for me on where to go to get the best information. I've gone to the mormon lists, the ones that are roumored to be so amazing, and so far I've done pretty well. I've gone back six generations on one part of my family. So, If anyone out there has done this, and knows of decent sites, please let me know! Also, if anyone knows how to do SSN tracing, please let me know as well! I'm excited to get started on this, and I'm sure there's probably a lot of people out there just like me who are trying to find where they came from! Thanks for your help everybody!



I haven't done that, but I do know it's a huge huge business. Quite a few places (websites) offer this kind of help, for a pretty low price. Good luck, and if you dig up any interesting stories, post them! I know my family has some horse thieves in it, generations back.

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I was brought up in wyoming, so i'm wondering if I have any outlaw in me. :D

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I was born in Wyoming (Wheatland, to be exact), and I've discovered I have LOTS of outlaw in me (he,he F. Lee Bailey even mentions a distant cousin of mine in one of his books). Anyway, I know a lady who will be able to give you some xlnt 'resources' - I'll have her post the addresses here for you.

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