Sunday, August 21, 2005

The amazingness of Capri Sun.

Ahhhhh. Remember those days way back when. Think back: When you ate your lunch out of a paper bag, or perhaps, if you were lucky, one of those really fancy cloth lunch bags. And you'd open up your lunch, and you'd pull out your capri sun, only to discover your sandwich was smooshed by it, and now there's almost a hole in your sandwich where the capri sun sat all day and got really warm. Ah, How I love capri sun. Although, in this hot Charleston summer, I don't drink them warm anymore. I freeze them, and then I let them thaw just enough that I can eat them with a spoon. You gotta hack at it for a while with your spoon, but when it works out, it turns into like, a capri sun virgin margarita. Although, add a little tequila, and, TA DRUNK! You've got yourself a nice drink! Ahh, the amazingness of capri sun!




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