Sunday, August 28, 2005

Blown Away!

If you have never been through a hurricane, or even a tropical storm, let me tell you, It sucks. It sucks a lot. The hurricanes I was in were not major, but they sucked enough. People fight over food and water, there's no electricity (which sucks a lot more than people give it credit for, especially when you run out of ice.) And then there are always those die hard assholes who have to tie themselves to a tree to prove that they are strong enough to withstand a hurricane. [Side note, the 56 {i think} year old gentleman who decided to pull this stunt, who indeed thought he could survive the hurricane, died after a car bumper traveling at over 90mph smashed him and his tree to smithereens, thusly nominating himself for a Darwin Award.] It is not the hurricane that will kill you, it's the shit flying around, and the feet of water stacking up, and the heat, and the disease, and the sewers that will kill you. I feel bad for the people on the coastline because their shit is all gonna be destroyed. That is inevitable. It's like a big tornado. It fucks your shit up. It's unfortunate that their ancestors decided to set up camp in this place. It's a luck shot of where the hurricanes are going to land, and it sucks that Florida got it again, and this state is getting it again as well.
If you have ever been in a hurricane, you have probably seen the side of people helping people and human nature proving itself decent. And you have probably seen the other side of human nature which is the stupid side. People chilling on the beach or surfers surfing the high waves, or fist fights over water. It is frustrating, but you have to be the smart ones and pick up and leave if it calls for it.
I hope for these people in this particular storm that the roads will open up, they can get off the highway and someplace safe, the superdome will hold up and indeed be super, and I hope they wont let the storm get them down. It's hard to see shit destroyed, beautiful trees downed, and all of your shit ruined. I hope they can overcome it.
If you live in Central United States, it's the tornados and snow. If you live on the east coast, or the south, it's the hurricanes. If you live in California, it's earthquakes. No matter where you choose to live, nature is gonna fuck with you, and it's not your fault. Good luck, and stay safe tonight.



I'm in Central Florida and REALLY glad that Katrina tracked away from us!

7:22 PM  

Well written, keep on with the blog.

4:48 PM  

Great pics! Except that poor cat pic.

4:59 PM  

Those pictures were from the hurricanes I went through all last year. They were not severe enough for us to leave, but for a person from wyoming living through the first hurricane, it was pretty impressive in itself!

5:11 PM  

I like living in Seattle. We rarely have heat over 90, rarely have cold under 20, rarely have earthquakes. Mild tornados maybe once a year, no hurricanes, the impending doom of a tsumani isn't even that bad. We have a mild drought, and that's it The average yearly temp is 56 degrees. We dont even have a lot of bugs!

11:44 PM  

I love seattle. I almost lived there, but it was too expensive for me. Ahhh seattle.

12:07 AM  

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