Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Dear Assholes...

Dear Assholes Theat Live Below Us:

While i understand that it is indeed a nice day outside, and that you like to smoke, but please understand that we do not like to smoke, but like to enjoy a nice day as well. You have ruined my clothes, and my bedding because of your nasty habit, adn I don't want any part of it. We were here first, and deserve to have a clean nice smelling apartment. I know you are bald and this is stressful to you, and this stress has led to a chain smoking problem, but i do not wish to be invovled in your painful death. But you are involving me. ALSO, I know that you do like to smoke outside, not only on nice days like today, but also on every other day of the year. GIVE IT A REST!! I have complained to the management, and because of their incompetence, nothing will be done. But please understand that if you continue to piss me off, I will come down there and shove those fucking cigarettes up your ass. I have an infant who will be visiting me in a week. I am sure you understand that your bad habit will be ceased while he is here. If it's not, and we have to close the windows and succumb to the air conditioning that makes me cough, I will bring him down there with me, and his mother and father, and we will all partake in the shoving of cigarettes up your asshole. Thank you for your cooperation.



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