Sunday, January 14, 2007


Before I post the rest of the adventure, which can be read just as easily HERE, I thought i might write about what happened to my poor friend steve about 5 minutes ago. He spent a few hours making tiramisu, and a few dollars too. The cheese for it is really expensive, (like 5 bucks for a little thing about the size of cream cheese) and he bought the little dishes, and the little blowtorch (for the creme brule) and everything. The poor guy worked his ass off to make this stuff.

He was sitting on the couch and remembered that he needed to cover it in the fridge. He went to the fridge and pulled it out, and it slipped out of his hands and the little dish broke and he said there is tiramisu EVERYWHERE. I feel so bad for him. We have had to take like 40 trips to the damn grocery store to get all the shit we needed for this stupid desert, and he went to about 5 different grocery stores to find that stupid cheese.

It sucks.



Awww, what a bummer. You know, you could just make one single trip to the store (or an italian restaurant) and buy the already-made, ready to eat, delicious tiramisu :)

1:16 AM  

Or just eat oreos.

9:54 AM  

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