Monday, November 12, 2007


Holy shit guys,

I just watched Transformers. I totally loved it!!!! It's one of the few movies I actually want to buy and own so when I get my own Surround Sound I can watch the shit out of it. Plus I loved the story. I know, probably hard core geeks are going, omg what a dumb movie. But I think I loved the personalities of the transformers the most. I appreciate the visual effects, i mean, HOLY SHIT it takes a lot to make a car into a robot and then put it back together again. Plus, it had a good story line, and it was released just long enough after the originals (15-20 or so years) that nobody really forgot about it, and the children of the 80's could really appreciate it.

I think I especially liked it because of the sound. As I'm looking into colleges and deciding where I want to put my degree to use (sound design, sound engineering, etc..) it really inspires me to see this kind of work done, and done so well. I really need to get a proper surround sound set up, so Kris, you bet your ASS we'll be watching it at your house come Christmastime. I'm totally geeked out right now and stoked about it. I had a lot of fun watching this movie, and I think that's how movies should be. And, just to add to my geekynessd, I've added Optimus Prime's PSA on Prostate Cancer. ENJOY!


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