Friday, November 30, 2007


Went to the doctor today to get yet another infection looked at, and got some meds, and I was the one that noticed it was sulfa medication. I'm quite angry. Good thing I caught it. I guess doc didn't relay the sulfa med allergy to the pharmacy, and I forgot to tell them after the last fiasco with my burn. I was entirely too pissed off then too.

Beatrice wasn't feeling so well the other day, so i'm giving her some super doses of light (it's winter) and water, and nummy nummy crickets. I had the crickets in a butter container, and I accidentally tipped too many out in her diggy, and some of them may have escaped the grasps of my turtle's jaws. So, in all this glory and catching crickets and screaming and beatrice eating, I came up with the PERFECT way to get back at my neighbors downstairs.

Cricket Breeding.

It's cold right now, but I'm within my rights of the complex to have bugs out there if they are in a terrarium like fixture. but they would be in the biggest god damn tubbie i could find. It's too cold right now to breed them outside, but, I can get a heat lamp, and I can get blankets. Plus, it'll attract birds and squirrels, and I don't mind those, as long as they poop on the neighbors porch and eat the neighbors flowers. Not to mention all the noise. Noise Noise NOise NOIse NOISe NOISE!!! ALL THE NOISE! No noise complaints because it's the animal's natural sound. There is no control. They, however, are animals that should be controlled but insist on fighting and slamming doors at midnight. (I've complained the last few nights to our manager lady because i was awake until 3am listening to them fight and then have makeup sex.)



Here's bea enjoying her new digs.

And here's margie enjoying it with her.


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