Friday, May 16, 2008

Heads or Tails?

I know that my birthday is coming up soon, and I know that my parents already have what I'm getting pretty much set, and I don't think I'll be getting much outside of that, which is totally fine because I've been spoiled with two Nascar races and a trip to Denver.. So in order to kinda treat myself to a birthday gift (since getting a license was kinda squelched) I was thinking about making a purchase to sortof reward myself for getting back on track or actually starting track with my life. It's kinda silly, and it's $65.00, but it is something I have interest in. I have found it difficult, after living so far under my means for such a long time, to justify buying anything for myself. I never just buy something because I want it, I have to "NEED" it. I bought a Vinyl tori record in Denver, and felt very guilty about it because I didn't need it. But wanted it. It was 18 dollars, but to me it was a HUGE purchase.

I couldn't make up my mind on this particular thing because it is such a large expense (again, it is $65.00), and soon I will be needing clothes and shoes for my new job. I can't justify it, but I collect them, and want it. It has no practical use, like the record, except to look nice and make me feel good when I hold it.

This is Zangetsu (the sword's name). This is Zangetsu released into Bankai.
And unless you're an avid watcher of Bleach, you probably don't know what that is. But here is what you need to know about Zangetsu Bankai, he is 68 inches long, heavy, and has a commanding presence. I love this sword, and it's the next cheapest one I can buy from the sword that I really want, which is Hadhafang from LOTR, as well as Aragorn's hunting knife. Those are like 300.00 and there is no way in high tippy hell I could justify buying one of those.

And for someone like me who hasn't had much to live on for the last 5 years, this would be a pretty big spendy mcgee, but I think it could be a happy birthday gift (to me, from me) that is cheaper than a 400.00 helmet, or a $6000 bike. In order to make the decision, I flipped a coin. Heads I'd get it, tails I'd wait. I flipped the coin and it was heads.

I still can't do it, so I'm gonna sleep on it. If I feel differently about it in the morning, I'll buy it.

Either way, it would make a great addition to the sword I currently own, and if my neighbors show up on my doorstep again threatening me, I'll just open the door holding all 68 inches of Zangetsu, and calmly ask if there's a problem.



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