Monday, July 06, 2009

Humpty Dumpty rolled off the counter.

I don't normally do this, I don't usually cook, actually.

But today I stepped outside the box and made a non-recipe fried rice yum yum experiment. It went well. Except for the egg. That didn't go well.

So here's what I did. I started off by making a pot of fresh (non instant) rice. I think it was jasmine rice. So i cooked that, and while it was simmering joyfully in the pot, I cut up:
1/2 tomato (just the rind, I ate the yummy inside bits)
1/4 Green Pepper
1/4 Red Pepper
A bit of red onion
And 1 clove of garlic. It was a pretty big clove.
And I whipped an egg.
**EDIT** I made this again tonight and used long grain rice instead of Jasmine and added a bit of Cilantro and more tomato, onion, and garlic, and it was much better! The cilantro really added a nice kick.***

Then I took the rice that was cooked and dumped it into a skillet. If you make this you should really rinse the rice in a bowl or something to get the gunk off of it. Anyway, I dumped the rice into the skillet and after I moved it around with my spatula a little I added the egg. SLOWLY. I cooked the egg in there for a bit, and added some soy sauce. Add that to taste. I like a lot of it. I added a small amount of wasabi just for a bit of flavor, and then after the egg was cooked, I dumped in the veggies I cut up. I let that cook for a minute, added a little more soy sauce, and then served it up with Tomatoes!



I'm hungry!

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