Friday, October 07, 2005

Back in the saddle again!

So here I am feeling well rested, and happy to be off tomorrow. Wishing I was off forever. But, if wishes were fishes, I'd have a helluva lot of fish. :D Anyhoo. I said I was gonna post about some stuff, and now I shall.

The other day Lindsey Lohan was in a car accident and witnesses claimed it was because she was running from the paparazzi. Oh so sorry, Another car accident. So, this is not a news blog, but this is my opinion blog. This is my opinion. How many people do we have to kill or harm in car accidents or harm otherwise before the paparazzi gets the big fucking picture that harming someone's life is not worth the money. I'll be honest with you, I don't particularly care for Lindsey Lohan. And it's okay if you do. But when someone IMPORTANT like Princess Diana was killed because she was trying to avoid the cameras, wouldn't someone think, I mean, someone logically think that maybe this has gone too far?{ Yes, there were other things happening in Princess Diana's case, and I understand that, but still.} That woman could not escape the cameras even if she had moved to the alps and lived in a fucking cave.
I have heard some people making the comment that "Well, they're celebrities, they should expect it." So, when people want to pursue their dream of being an actor/actress, [or even in Princess Diana's case, she didn't really pursue it did she? She was princess...] that means we need to be prepared to be assaulted verbally and often physically by strangers? How would you like it if a classroom of creepy overweight, ugly, scruffy, mean fuckers followed you around and tried to get the money shot of you eating, or you peeing, or you doing something illegal? I think often times a lot of us take what privacy we have left for granted. They make big bucks off of those pictures. And I mean really, you've seen the photos. None of them are that great anyway. They are usually blurry because the photographer isn't any good, and they are shot through a shitty zoom lens, and it's just like, well, If they would put them in a photo shoot and sell the photos that way, they could get a lot more money.
And you know what, the photographers often get beat up too! Well, they're pushy bastards. So, of course people are gonna fight back. I think it's so funny to see a paparazzi person bitching because someone hit them and broke their camera. YOU WEREN'T FIVE FUCKING INCHES FROM HIS FACE!! OF COURSE HE'S GONNA HIT YOU! I WOULD HIT YOU! I think the problem begins with the stupid magazines that pay the money for this shit. Which, seeing as how photoshop has changed the tune of the magazines, and how I could be photoshopped onto Jabba the Hut's body, and somebody would say, "Hey, you gained weight," I'm surprised that there even is still a paparazzi.
But, I have an Idea. Because we cant get rid of freedom of press, and we can't kill all the paparazzi (dammit), then, what we can do is boycott the magazines and newspapers, and the crap people that publish these photos! Don't buy shit on eBay that has anything to do with a photo taken without permission from the subject. Put these professional stalkers out of work and make them get a real job. And newspapers and magazines make a lot of money off of advertising. So, it would be easy to say don't buy the shit they're advertising, but you'd have to read the magazine in order to see what they are advertising.... So that one I'm not too keen on yet. But I'll think of something. So that's my rant on that. Period.



While celebs are hunted with cameras a lot, I think Lohen is a bit quick to blame her poor driving on the media.

Good post. :D

3:33 PM  

That's very true. She has been in 2 accidents in the last little while, blaming the media. However, there are other celebrities out there that are chased just as much and aren't in car accidents.

6:42 PM  

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