Saturday, October 01, 2005

Inhospitable hospitality

Tori Amos sang a song about happy workers. doo do do do do do do do dooo. I still can't figure out why I'm doing what I do. For those who do not know, I work in the hotel business, AKA Hospitality industry. I must be the most inhosptable person in this business. I am not a people person, and when I tell people that I am, I'm so lying through my teeth. I've seen others in this business who are not people people, and it shows after so many years. They are helping the customers in spite of them and not giving a damn about their pillow or lack there of. And their lives are miserable because they hate their jobs and the people they are forced to serve. Then there's me. I hate my place in the world of business as well as most of the people I'm forced to serve, but I hide it. I'm pleasant in spite of myself. I think i'm a pretty good actress, but i'm sure there are people who see through the silky thickness of my phony acting. Most who know me at work would be suprised to know that I hate this business of being a yes-person to an ignorant persons every will. [I.E. Can I have a glass of goats milk? We don't have any goats milk. Are you gonna give me money back because you don't have goats milk?] They never want to pay for anything. Don't want to pay? Then go the fuck home. I know this sounds like i'm sour, but seriously, anyone else in the business will tell you, being pleasant to people who are very not pleasant back gets old very quick.
As a side note. I'm aware that my last few entries have been quite negative, but I think it's cuz I haven't had much of a chance to vent elsewhere. Sorry for the unhappy posts. Hopefully soon, my days will be a bit sunnier, and i'll be able to be good old non-so-negative me again.



I too am a "Hospitality Manager", who has a Degree in "Hotel and Restaurant Management", and I FEEL YOUR PAIN! What were we thinking?!

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