Tuesday, September 05, 2006

You better recognize

People tell me ALL THE FREAKIN TIME, "You look like that girl in American Pie. You know the one. 'This one time? At band camp?' Ha ha ha ha. That's so damn funny. Did you ever go to band camp? Huh did you? Hhehehe. That would be funny if you did! Heh, say it for me, say it, 'this one time? at band camp?' [this is where i stare blankly at them] Aw you're no fun. That's fuckin crazy though cuz you SOUND like her too. You do! You should be like, a look alike or something. heheheh, then you could go around saying... [this is where they try and coax me into saying "this one time at band camp" by nodding their head encouragingly, but I don't.] Aw damn, but you do look like her though. Ok, well have a nice day and thank you for shopping at target."

Well, looks like the fuckers were right.



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