Monday, June 26, 2006

4 Glorious Days

Unlike some of my... well luckier... counterparts, I gave my two weeks notice last friday. That means that this friday, the 30th, my ass is out of here. Glad to be away from all the shit that happens at this stupid desk. It's not that i hate my job. it's that I hate a lot of the people I'm forced to serve, and a lot of the people who force me to do it. I resent the fact that they openly take advantage of me, and now I'm standing up and telling them to FUCK OFF. Not as gracefully as someone else did, she just left, which, if I worked this as a second job, I would've done that way back when... But I promised I'd give my two weeks, and I did.

And I shall step from the front door of my hotel into my car and drive to MI with steven. Nervous/excited about that. Nervous/excited about my next job.

only four more days of the hell i call work and then i can move on to a new hell i call work. I wish I could sit at home and play nintendo all day, and I could if i didn't care if i ate, or if i had a home to do it in. :)

Sorry, just ranting. Just raging and ranting. And now I look at this photo of the kid with the french fries, and I want some damn french fries.



Pity you're not coming back to Colorado.

12:58 AM  

so tell us about you're new job. If it's going to be just a shitty as the one you have, why bother? There must be SOMETHING good about it, right?

10:35 AM  

Change is good. There's no reason to stay at a job you hate. I myself gave notice early in June, and my last day is July 6th. It's for the best, really. We're both young enough that we don't want to get trapped in a dead-end job.

10:16 AM  

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