Monday, May 15, 2006

Goodbye My Love

Throughout my life, I have made several sacrifices. And most of the time it happened during lent. Today, I have decided for the final time that I am making a sacrifice of gigantic proportions. I'm tired of my face breaking out, I'm tired of the weight gain, I'm tired of my teeth with holes in them. Ladies and gentlemen, this is it. I'm giving up Pepsi. I'm not going to give up all soft drinks, the occasional fresca, or sprite will do me no harm, but pepsi and mountain dew and all the dark colored, or highly caffinated devil beverages are henceforth stricken from my diet.
I have holes in my teeth, and I have never had holes in my teeth until recently, and I'm not all that stoked about getting them paved over. My weight fluctuates depending on how much soda I drink, and if I have one too many 12 oz pepsi's, you can tell by looking at my skin. I'm tired of being lethargic or high on sugar. If i need a caffeine buzz, i'll drink a low caffeine tea, or sweet tea. Sweet tea is better anyway. So there. I'm ready to move on from the love of my life I call pepsi, I hope it doesn't resent me.



I know what you mean. I've cut out or cut back on soda for the last year. I need to regard it the same way I regard cigarettes: I can't "cut back" I need to completely quit. (Cept for a sprite once in a while)

Soda is the devil.

12:08 AM  

good plan. there's really nothing redeeming about high-fructosed, carbonated soda beverages. except for bombs when combined with pop rocks.

10:36 AM  

Yeah good luck. I made it 5 months, now I'm back and canker sores Galore! Sprite was just as bad for me, so I had to buy like 3 Nalgene bottles and keep them around at all times.

12:26 PM  

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