Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Waking up to new hair

So I got a haircut this week. And I'm someone who....well I've had short hair my whole life. The longest I ever had my hair was last month when it was just past my shoulders. The shortest I've ever had my hair was when I went to get a trim at graduation and the lady lopped off 2 inches of a 4 inch hair style. Whoops.

I'm not used to long hair. When my hair is long, I wear it out of my face simply because I am used to it that way, and when it gets in my face I get annoyed and sometimes get angry.

So imagine my surprise when I walked into the salon and I had my hair back in a big clip, and I sit down, tell the guy "yo, I want something that I can do really fast because I like to wake up 2 minutes before I have to leave for POS job, and ta da. And I want something different."

Ladies and gentlemen, I went from looking like this:

To looking like this:

I think it's a pretty big improvement! My hair is naturally red, and when I wear it up, I look a lot younger than I really am. I'm often mistaken for a kid in high school, (for instance, when guests are checking in during the day, they tell me, "Shouldn't you be in school about now?") So, when my guy made my hair look like the picture of Tori above, I was shocked at how old I looked!! I couldn't believe it. And it really looked like that too!!!

My mom was sitting at the salon with me, and she was surprised as I was. She was glad I didn't look like I was 12 anymore.

My dad was out of town for the week, and came home Saturday night. I had mousse in my hair all day (And it was up cuz it was gross), so when I got home from work, I thought, oh I'll surprise him! I acted like I hadn't changed anything, left the clip in, and after some chit chat, I showered. I then dried my hair, almost as cute as the man had done at the stylish place, and said (as I came out of my bedroom) "Look dad! I got a new hair cut!"

I saw a man elate and unravel all at the same time. He was so suprised and glad! Then he looked closer, and I could've swore I saw a glint of tear in his eye. Please understand, this is a man who thinks I should still be/look like:

But I look like:

I'm quite happy with my new hairdo. I hope I'll be able to get the hang of drying it and doing it everyday. It sure hasn't worked yet, but I'll do my best.

And one day I hope my hair will be this long, and look something like this. ==========>

It's become curly as it's gotten longer, which is a new phenomenon to me because my hair has been straight my whole life. I'll take the gentle curls it offers, as long as it doesn't poof.

I will someday show you a picture of me as a short haired pixie, but I've got to find one that doesn't embarrass me. :)

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you used to look like a red onion? wow. i recently got a (major) haircut myself. i guess if i had to choose which vegetable i looked like before, i'd go with some sprouts. right. howdy.

10:10 AM  

That is awesome! I've been bouncing around with my hair lately, and need to learn patience. Bah.

1:45 PM  

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