Thursday, February 09, 2006

And you can dream, so dream out loud....

Sorry I haven't been posting on a more regular basis. When life comes crawling at you, sometimes the blog takes a hit. ha ha ha.

This is going to be kindof a wierd post, but I felt it was important to post it. Do you ever think about deja vu? Do you ever think about what deja vu's are or meant to be? The other day, I was eating dinner with my parents and a friend of mine, and I had a deja vu that lasted a good 35 seconds. Usually, they are real short. But this one was particularly long. Kindof made me wonder, because in the dream I had, I remember waking up and thinking, "Who the hell was that in my dream?" Obviously, I had not met my friend yet, and didn't know I would ever end up at dinner with him. More importantly though is when I have a dream, and it is so real, (I can't tell if I'm alive, or if I'm dreaming,) how can it be so real when i've never seen any of the things involved? In this dream, I was driving with someone, (again, someone I don't know, but could possibly meet in the future) and we were in a car accident. And i don't mean like a little fender bender. We were headed around a corner at about 135mph (or KPH, but i looked at the odometer, and there was a definate 135 in that equasion.) We hit the car in front of us, and then we slammed into a tree on my side. We were in the mountians, so i suspect this happens in Colorado. (Where i have lived and will return.) The scariest part of course was when we hit, everything turned white, and i had no breath. I couldn't breathe, and i could only hear the persons voice saying "i'm sorry." But then I woke up, and after i pulled myself together, i was thinking, wow, I hope this doesn't become a deja vu. But I've never been in a car accident, so how would I know what it's like? Here's what will really twist your noodle... What if by telling you about my dream, I have cancelled out a Deja vu that was supposed to happen? In other words, what if this dream was supposed to come true, but by telling you, i've fucked it all up??
I have only a few times been in a dream where I've died, and that was one of them. What is it when we have these emotions in our bodies, when our bodies are in a state of utter helplessness? Why do these things happen, and even more, Why is it that we sometimes relive moments we dream? Are we peeking into the future, or looking at a life that we've lived once through someone elses eyes? What is deja vu? What is it that makes us so vulnerable to emotions while we are laying anywhere one step from being completely helplessly unconsious. What brain chemicals are involved that make me cry in my sleep when something bad happens to me in a dream?
This is definately something to think about, and after having that dream about the car accident, my friend should know that it'll be a long god damn time before i ride with him. (he is a really..he uses the word "agressive" I might use the word reckless driver.) Tell me, what kind of deja vu's do you have? How often do you have them? Do you know that your deja vu's are dreams you had, or are they just experiences you know you've had before? It's different for everyone. My deja vus are most commonly dreams i've had. But once or twice i've just walked into a room and said, "oh jeez. i've done this before..."

U2 says, "you can dream, so dream out loud...."

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I have deja vu too, sometimes. Nothing quite as..scary as yours though.

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