Thursday, January 26, 2006

Drama of a Left foot.

Hi! Remember Leg? Remember foot and leg? And then remember Leg and foot again? And then that really Really great time when foot did that thing? Well, it's back. Same foot. Different problem. I had a blood vessel or something pop on the bottom of my foot and now it hurts to stand on it. Really REALLY bad. It's not like a corn. Corns don't hurt this bad. This is not a corn. This picture is not what my foot currently looks like. What sucks is that Im' moving soon, and if my stupid foot doesn't feel better soon, i'm gonna be hobbling all about and being assigned the stupid jobs. The ouch is right in a painful spot too. Right on that part between the big toe and the second toe on the ball of my foot. And yes, it is my left foot. What is it about that side that doesn't like to cooperate. Funny thing tho, my foot still acts funny from that "fall" I had with B. It was a controlled fall. I jumped. But it took the wind out of me. Maybe that's what this is. This is reprimand for hurting my foot and only paying attention to the top part and not the bottom! I knew it!! Hopefully, these soft skateboarding shoes will make it all better.



Ow ow ow ow ow!

Go get it checked.

1:24 PM  

Hey elizabeth, it's b....I promised i'd come back to post....But yea, hope u didn't think i was bad luck after that incident with your foot. Maybe we need to go back up to the roof of the parking garage sometime to 'undo' the back luck that's plagued your foot.

9:21 PM  

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