Saturday, December 31, 2005


Ok, so I did the advice blog. And now I'm going to do the mandatory best of 2005 blog.

First, 10 things I'm proud of.
10. Leaving Red Roof and coming to my current hotel.
9. Trying the whole "I'm assertive" thing and not blaming myself everytime something went wrong.
8. Not letting my brain get the best of me.
7. Teaching someone how to swim.
6. That same someone learning how to swim.
5. Driving to Charlotte by myself and handling all of it so well.
4. Meeting one of the greatest presidents to ever be in office.
4. Running the 10K bridge run.
3. Singing at Red Rocks.
2. Turning the corner in my ability to get along with my parents and not always be pissed at them.
1. I'm proud of My brother and his wife for creating a family and letting me have a nephew to play in the dirt with.

Next, 6 things I'm not proud of.
6. Letting Red Roof Inn say they "fired" me when I actually quit.
5. Freaking out on top of the bridge during the run.
4. Letting G treat me that way.
3. Ruining several very good friendships because of a stupid reason that I should be controlling.
2. Being such a bitch during the last trip to Denver.
1. Not making enough money to help my family out when I need to.

Now, 8 great moments of 2005:
8. Watching someone swim through the deep end even though they are afraid, and knowing that it is me that helped them get there.
7. Paying off the loan I got to help me through one month in Denver.
6. Watching the look on my dad's face when he got his Christmas present.
5. Christmas
4. My birthday Week. :)
3. Singing at redrocks.
2. Seeing U2 when it wasn't intended at all, and the whole U2 experience.
1. Meeting Shannon. And this picture.
I don't know that anyone cares about any of this, it is my personal experience. Sometimes I have to look back and kinda see what I have done. It is and can be easy for me to just look at now, and the future, and get down on myself because I feel like I haven't accomplished much. But this year has been pretty interesting. I haven't written everything down, but there are more things I'm proud of, and a lot more I'm not. But hopefully the year of the dog will help me grow in many ways, and help me improve all those things I'm not proud of. I wish all of you the best in the new year, and I hope you and your family find nothing but goodness and grace. Happy new year!


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