Friday, January 20, 2006

And then I started talking

I've decided I'm not gonna write about Denver on here because I'm too lazy.

Everything was going peachy today until I started talking. The moment I started talking, the moment it went awry. And I don't mean like emails, or anything like that, I mean, BLAH blAH BLAH, talking. About midnight actually. At the very beginning of today. Everything I say is stupid and useless.

Yes, it's one of THOSE days.

Everything I say is just crap flying out of my mouth (nice mental image.) My shit is all apart as Henry would say.

Each time I try to say something, I just end up pissing someone off some way or another. (Guests mostly.) Or I end up screwing something up that would have been just fine if I would've kept my fat mouth shut. I swear, I try to be nice, it sucks. I say hello to people, and they don't say hello back. I try to be stern, it sucks. I fucking tried to allow popups on this page so I could check my spelling, motherfucker lost my post. It's just that kind of day. Maybe it's the drugs. Maybe i'm just a dope. Maybe, I need to use one of my new rolls of gafting tape and become a mute for a day. And I'm not even in a bad mood!!! If I were in a bad mood, foot in mouth syndrome would be justified! But I'm not! Which pisses me off! I'm in this great mood, and nothing is going right!
So, I'll shut up for now, and maybe my day will improve.

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I think we both need "mental health days" at work.

1:54 PM  

Some days I only open my mouth to change feet....

8:21 PM  

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