Tuesday, January 03, 2006

So long and thanks for all the fish

Ok homies, I'm gonna be absent till the 15th, so this is gonna probably be the last post till I get back. Probably. But keep visiting me and upping my nubmers. I get a real kick out of that ha ha ha ha! But, I'm sorry to leave the blog behind. Any blogging I will be doing will be really light, but I'll try to post photos. I'm sorry to ditch all of you, all three of you, but I'll be back eventually and I'll tell you all tales of adventure. And since I'm venturing to a place with no internet, and no cable, this blog is gonna look the same. So Adult Swim has 1 week to get it's shit together, and I'm not so much worried about the internet. See you all later!




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Very cool photo!

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