Saturday, April 08, 2006

Auditon my ass

Due to a glitch in someone's brain, I've ended up working another night audit shift. It was originally supposed to be one, but i decided to go ahead and work the audit shift for tonight too, to make the transition a little easier. (Plus, I got to sleep in today ha!) The hotel is quiet, full, and happy. Like a baby. In about 3 hours, whiny tennis players will be awaking to the smell of yummy coffee in the lobby, even if it isn't starbucks.

This is not a post about my hotel. I'm just kindof rambling here, so bear with me y'all. i'd even understand if you skipped over this.

I've been looking at monologues to pick out to do for auditions. I want to get a bunch of them, and have them all really polished, and then when i go to an audition and the director says, "yeah, that was great. now make me laugh." I'll have no problem having two right there. ba boom.

It then occurred to me that I've done some wierd auditions in my past, and have gotten some good shit out of some very shitty audtions. Most notably my acceptance and scholarship to Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, WA for that SHITTY video audition of me as the "chewley's gum representative" from Clerks. CLERKS!!! HEL-LOO!!! You do not do some material from clerks to get into a fucking arts college dummy. But it worked!

I'm excited to be auditioning again. I keep getting bummed about college because of how much it's going to cost, but then i remember, I can act. i can sing! I can get SCHOLARSHIPS!!!! This is a new feeling for me, so i'm excited to see how it comes out.

And, I'm excited to see who i meet on this path. I don't like a vast majority of theatre people, because i'm not like most of them. And the vast majority of theatre people I know are from Casper, Wyoming. I mean, there is the problem right there. But there are a few i can take in large doses, [Kirby might be the only one i can speak that is a true theatre gnome that i can take for more than 20 minutes] but for the most part, theatre folk annoy me. In high school I hung out with all of the theatre kids, but the people I was closest to were not of that breed either. A writer, a Director, and a sexy bitch made up my close friends, and I was probably the most "theatre geekiest" of them all, just my eccentricites alone. When I got to college though, I saw the type of people I had once seen eye to eye with become people I wouldn't want to be near if my life depended on it. I guess the drugs and alcohol didn't help a lot, but WOW there are some strange folks. A year away at college with a down to earth director/runner can do a lot for perspectives. Even the people we hung out with in greeley weren't that strange. But that's Wyoming for you. I'm excited to see if as I've grown up, the theatre people are different as well, and I'd like to see if the different regions of the country make up how the different theatre people behave. Like I say, the difference between Colorado theatre folk and Wyoming theatre folk is Night and day. But either way, it will be nice to be around people who have something in common with me again, regardless of if they wear ben nye everyday, or if they are just like me.

So, maybe someday I'll audition and get the roll i've been waiting for. Maybe i'll audition and get a scholarship that's useful, and maybe someday I'll be able to step on stage again and really mean it. Maybe someday i'll be a real triple threat. But until that day comes, I have an awful lot of auditions to go to.



Good luck. I'm either scared to audition or make fun of it while doing it. Taking them seriously is something to be admired, at least to me. :D

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Good luck with that!

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