Saturday, March 11, 2006

What to do

This is one of those days at work where it is busy as hell for about 30 minutes, and then so still I check every known email account I have for 2 hours, then I'm busy as hell for 30 minutes, then nothing happens again till the shift is over. I'm getting annoyed with this job, and I think it's because everyone else is too. Nobody is happy with the scheduling, and there are only 2 actual front desk employees, only one of whom is supposed to be full time time. Guess who that is?

Tonight there are a mass of wine tasters in my hotel, and some other people that are nobody's trying to be somebody's, and they are all drinking in my lobby. A no-no in my eyes as it is a public place and there are kids, little kids, in this hotel tonight. But the guy whined and complained enough for me to call my manager, and manager said it was okay as long as they didn't get loud. Cool. He's the manager. But these wine people and these tennis people and these soccer people and golf people I deal with are all the same. I'll take a quote from Amadeus: "People so lofty above us they act as if they shit marble." I'm getting very tired of having to deal with it and their attitude that they are soccer/wine/golf/tennis people and should get to do what they want. It's funny because if they truly were something impressive, they would not be staying at this hotel. They'd be staying downtown at the Francis Marion or some $250.00 a night hotel. Please don't come crying to me that not ALL golfers, wine tasters, soccer players, tennis players are like that. No fucking duh. My very good friend plays tennis and is a really nice guy, metro, but nice. My other dear friend is a golfer, but he looks good in golf clothes, and is not an asshole by any means. (Most of the golf people I run into at this place have caught a severe case of asshole.)

Anyway, I know I haven't been blogging a lot lately and I'll tell you all why. I have nothing to blog. My mind is blank. My good friend is moving back to Germany, although it is something she does not want to do, and I've made a friend and kept him friends with me for more than 6 months. In turn, this takes me out, and not sitting in my room stewing in my own pissed off juices. Which makes me lyrically sterile.

So for now, I'm still at a block of the writerbellum, but hopefully soon it will pass. Maybe it'll pass when I clean up my room. We shall see.



Sometimes we all hit a slump. I'll still be around for when you do feel like writing. :D

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