Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Be drinkable

My toilet has been broken since I moved in (January.) The one part that sticks up from the water feed is broken, it has been since I've been here. So, the other day at midnight I decided I would fix it. I was tired of it pissing me off all the time. I started and took the whole thing apart, NOT KNOWING ANYTHING ABOUT WHAT THE HELL I WAS DOING, (although it is pretty self explanatory) and emptied the tank and took all the parts out etc... and went to put in the new parts. I got most of them in, but the one part that is actually broken was the wrong size, and it stuck like 2 inches out of the toilet! So I put it all back together with some of the old parts, and I put some of the new parts and replaced some of the older crappy rusted ones, and now my toilet runs constantly and I have to adjust it with a screwdriver. Since I have to continually adjust it to make it stop running, I have to leave the lid off. If I flush it with the lid off, water comes out of the broken part and squirts everywhere all over the wall. If I flush it without the lid on, water squirts everywhere, but I have to leave the lid off because I have to keep adjusting it with the fucking screwdriver. So at 2am I'm still in my dream with Orlando Bloom and PEEP I get sprayed with a tiny squirt of cold water. Thanks.

I am no plumber, but I did in fact have it in working condition for a period of about 20 seconds. The actual PART is broken, its nothing I did [so you know all you naysayers.] But another thing that happens is when any faucet in the apartment [mom's shower, the sink in the kitchen, the other bathroom sink , my bathroom sink, the dishwasher, the washing machine, or my parents toilet] is activated and water is in fact running through the pipes, and it turns off and they turn the faucet off, my toilet halfway flushes. (You know at the end of the flush right before it turns off it makes that whssshhhh noise? Yeah, that.)It does that.

Indoor plumbing is a great thing, it's fun to kinda see how it works, but now I have to go get some fucking parts that fit!!!
All in all, it taught me that a hammer is not necessary when trying to get the tube out of the thing.

And always have a towel.



man, i gotta get that poster...

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