Friday, April 06, 2007

Web code and tori

So, I'm not liking my current theme because it doesn't fit with all screen resolutions. So expect the second coming on the reese cup soon.
In other news, my brother and sister in law and my nephew are here, so the change will not be coming soon.
In even more other (VERY VERY EXCITING) news, Tori's new album is coming out, i really shouldn't say tori's new album, i should say, the girls' new album. I wish i could afford a ticket to see her open in rome on my birthday. How cool would that be, huh? I think this is the year i'm going to try and meet her. I always am too slow, and I kinda feel bad about it. She's the best person i know to her fans. I waited int he rain and cold for u2 to autograph in charlotte, and well, you know the story.... ANYWAY the closest i ever got to meeting her was at denver during the SLG tour. I handed my camera to a (very very tall) man in front of me, and he snapped a couple of pics of her. Being a fellow redhead, I think i might be able to have a good chat with her. ha ha ha. Maybe we could get some tea.

I just left a comment on Clyde's blog, and i guess it just makes me excited and hopeful that maybe i really can talk to Tori. she's been helping me through the good times and the bad since i was 12.

All you non tori fans out there, (the one person of the three of you) that continually read this blog, sorry. This is not something i think i talk about very much, but maybe i should start. It's a big part of my life.


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