Thursday, May 03, 2007

An american Doll

So, okay I wanted to write a lot more, and i just now realized it, but my keyboard fucking DIED on me. So what am i using to type this? Not the onscreen keyboard, no no no. This is far far worse.

an iMac keyboard from like 1998 that types like a fucking typewriter. The keys have to be pushed with such force that my hands hurt after typing for too long.

SO this shall be short and sweet.

Tori's album is... Well, right off the bat i've never related so much to an album. Before, it was I liked a few songs, i liked the tune, and only after a while did i treasure the album. This album said, "elizabeth, LISTEN!" I said in my last post that i thought i related most to Clyde. My preminitons were spot on. I could pick her songs out before i even knew their names. I also listened to the interview and concert on SIRIUS and she was funny and quick and her usual AWESOME self. Fuckin' hell. This is gonna be a great tour. I awnt to write so much more but arthritis is setting in.

In other news, I have the hiccups.

I will write more when i get a new keyboard.


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