Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's creeping up on me.

(calm before the big storm last week)
I turn 25 officially tomorrow morning at 6:43am. I hope to be on the beach running and rocking out to U2 at that point. Oh, my god I can't believe I'm almost 25.

In other news, the two classes I tried to get at Casper College, (the only two that aren't electives), accepted me. So, that means after this summer, I'm loading up on easy electives and I'm rockin a diploma. It's about time I got my......... associates. Soon enough though, it'll be a bachelor's degree. Hopefully I can get that in Dublin or in Denver. Either way it will be an adventure. :)

I decided not to get Zangetsu because a. It was too expensive, and b. I'm actually finally saving for something. I'm not at liberty to talk about it. It's between me and Bea what exactly I'm saving for, but it's something big, and something I want, and it's not a motorcycle. I'm gonna finance the bike. :)

Anyway, I'm doing much better than I expected, and right now, life is absolutely perfect. I can't wait until September, and January. All is going great! I don't have much to write about except that tomorrow is my birthday and it's bittersweet.

But I'm gonna buy my books tomorrow for school, and hopefully be able to fly Kenny. It's been hard to find a decent spot at the beach because tourists/people are idiots and think it's okay to walk under a trick kite. Duh, it CAN HIT YOU ON THE HEAD!!!! In fact, i might just HIT YOU ON THE HEAD! Anyway, that's all for now. I start my new job on thursday, and I'll keep everyone updated on how that goes.

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Today is my birfday too. Found this link on the FAZED site. Happy Birfday young'in


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