Thursday, September 07, 2006

NERD- again

Yes, I, like my brother, am a
nerd. And i'm happy as hell today. He just informed me that...

"Before you go buy the NEW EDITION OF STAR WARS, hold onto your money, again. There are already rumors of
coming in 2007. This makes sense for the 30th
and the Celebration 4. Too much coincidence to not be true..."

And he Also informed me that...

"bought the new Fellowship DVD. I highly recommend it both to collectors,
and others. Others being people who kinda enjoyed the movie, but don't want
of the extra's. Like commentaries, outtakes, supreme audio, but might someday want to watch the extended
version. This is perfect for them (you). But the new documentary is REALLY
And that's not just cause I'm obsessed, it really is good. No
Narrator, it's
just filming behind the scenes. It's really great and
informative. I look
forward to the other 2 movies, which I will get next

And i'm stoked! So here is my nerdom stokage: Full Metal and
Inuyasha are now showing every night again on Adult Swim!



BTW, no those aren't my tattoos.
But they could be...

12:07 PM  

i was actually gonna ask if they're yours, elizabeth...(is your name spelled like my sister's? sorry...)

5:38 PM  

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