Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Alrighty everybody...

Steven and I are planning on going to the Halloween Party at the plex, and there is $5,000 up for grabs for the best costume. Trouble is, neither of us has any good ideas.
These are what we've ruled out:

For me:
French Maid
Girl Pirate
Nurse in Vinyl Outfit
Fairy anything
School girl (unless it's the one in the picture)
German maid

For him:

The reason i have so much marked off my list is because it's what EVERYONE does. I want to be different, and so does he. Now I have suggested a few things, none of them really stupid. But he thinks they are. But we kinda want to go as a pair. We can't buy the costumes, we need to make them, and our time limit is until saturday (that's the party...) PLEASE OH PLEASE!! YOU ALL ARE SO CREATIVE, PLEASE GIVE ME AN IDEA! Just drop it in the comments box.



pippi longstocking, she had red hair and could fly by spinning a broom stick!!! Its er fect for you!!!

7:52 AM  

You could go as bookends? Uuugh I have no creativity.

11:32 PM  

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