Thursday, October 12, 2006

You want me to what?!

So i'm lazy. Who isn't these days, right? I admit, i do enjoy laying around in my underpants eating ho ho's. Unfortunately, Sallie Mae Student Loan Services does not enjoy me laying around in my underpants eating ho ho's because that means that I can't pay their stupid bill, and someone in their office cannot afford to put another floor on their house. So that means, i have to work. Who wants to work? Not I! But since I decided i had to, I worked various jobs off and on all summer, since I left the hotel. I think, however, I have found my niche, and I might actually not mind going back to work. It sounds stupid, but everyone who knows my business habits is going to laugh. I'm working at the teaching hospital here in Charleston alphabetizing and organizing old files in the transplant center. The important part here, is that I'm ALPHABETIZING. I LOVE to alphabetize (SO I'M A FREAKIN LOSER, WHAT DO YOU WANT?!) Now, I don't know how long i'm going to be doing this. So this might sound as boring as hell to you all. But, I work by myself, with my radio, I can talk to myself, I can sing quietly, I can eat while i work, I don't answer phones, I don't deal with the public, and I get to be as tedious and careful, and perhaps slow, as I need to be! And, as if that weren't enough, in like another month and a half I get insurance, CHEAP inurance. It's freakin great. PLUS, and this is a big one, NO UNIFORMS. I get to wear what I want (minus jeans of course.) It's freakin work, and i'm stoked to be doing it! Un-FREAKIN-Believeable.

So, it seems that the second great depression of my life is now over. Unfortunately, I have no war funding to take me out of my great depression quickly, so I will be in recession until I can get my shit together enough that I can survive on my own. Money is a fucking bitch. And i'm not the only one in the world who will attest to this, i'm sure. But soon enough, I'll be able to pay on ALL my monthly bills, pay back the mafia, pay back the hit man, pay back the hooker and the pimp, afford my medication, the drug dealer, and finally pay back that stupid fucking company called I.R.S. Who the fuck are they?!

Now, lets just see how long it lasts.

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