Saturday, September 23, 2006

Crazy times

Sorry for the lack of posts this last week. This has been a crazy week, and a very unproductive week as well, unfortunately.

First thing, on... Monday I think... I was driving out to steve's house in an awful storm, and I was probably not farther than 3 or 4 minutes away from his house when there was a lightning strike right over what looked like his subdivision. The lightning connected with something, (you could tell by the way it continued flashing after the initial strike) and was so close I saw it dissipate just poof in the sky. I was anxious to get to steve's house and get inside to safety. Behind steve's house is an acre of forest, and the entrance to his subdivision is through a couple of acres of forest. When I got to his driveway, I looked back toward the entrance, and I saw white smoke coming from the entrance, so I figured the lightning had hit a tree and started a forest fire. I called 911 (the lady couldn't really understand me because my cell phone is a POS) and explained that I thought there was a forest fire, when, to my surprise, the smoke turned black. And fellow wyomingnites, what do we know about a brush fire that burns white and suddenly turns black? That's right, it's a structure. I disconnected from the lady on 911, and at that time steve had arrived home, and I said, lets go find it. As a side note: Anyone who knows me knows i'm extremely afraid of fire. What exactly compelled me to find this fire is still a mystery to me. The rain had basically slowed to a dull roar, and so steve and I jumped in the car and off we went to find the fire. We went to the subdivision next to his, and after some firetruck chasing, and a wrong turn, we come upon this:
I parked the car and steve jumped out and ran over to snap more pictures. Forgive the quality, they were taken with his camera phone.

I'll post more in just a second, but by the time we got there, there was only 1 fire truck and the ambulance. I parked out of the way so more could get in, and eventually there were 2 firetrucks, a ladder truck (which was so cool) and a couple of ambulances. The lady that lived next door was also evacuated (her siding and the house on the other side's siding were melted) and was screaming in her cell phone out of sheer panic, but was okay. A little soaked from the rain, but okay. So here's the story:

The owner was out at the grocery store or somewhere, and his roommate was at home watching TV. The lighting struck, and the roommate said he looked at the light switch, and at that moment, all of the switches and sockets within sight lit up. He jumped up called 911 and got out. Nobody was hurt. Owner could not be reached but his house was a total loss. The only thing they managed to save was a set of golf clubs and a picture of a palmetto tree. You can see the ladder truck shooting the water in through the ceiling into the house.

I'm not normally an ambulance chaser, but for some reason, this incident drew me in. It made me think a lot about the time I set my room on fire and how really lucky mom and I were that we got that fire out. I love my mom, and I'm so glad that she was there with me. So that was something that happened this week that I wanted to blog about.


Next thing: Went and saw jackass II. Go see it. It was funny.


Last thing: It is official ladies and gentlemen. Steve and I are now dating. After a year of friendship, he finally decided to commit to a relationship with me. I'm really happy, but I hope we can make it work.



Official! Yayayay!

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