Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Yeah, so about that bike...**

I sat on a new bike today.(This is actually the 2009 model, I sat on a 2008.)
Anyone who knows me knows that i'm not a Duc fan, but I sat on this mofo. HOLY SHIT. I think I found my bike. It's in my affordable range, too!!!! I know there is a reader of this blog who knows well enough that I don't NEED a ducati, but.... I mean, if you could afford a Lambo, and wanted a Lambo, you'd buy a Lambo. This isn't really a Lambo, but it's still not too shabby. So this one might be a bike we take for a "test drive" and see how it rides. But I was looking at their supersport bikes as well, and they are a little less affordable, but much hotter.

So, there you have it. I get to move home or have a rockin motorcycle. Unless I can find one for sale in the newspaper that hasn't been trashed.

AND THIS ROCKS MY WORLD!! Just wait till I find the others....

This one is my favorite of all time from sesame street. I absolutely love this. I have been singing the little song for about two weeks (trying to remember my numbers). Please enjoy the picnic.

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