Sunday, October 23, 2005

She's decided

So Beatrice has finally decided what she's going to be for Halloween. Thing is, I haven't. But Beatrice is very cute in her new costume, and she is going to thrill everybody. The turtle goddess decided, however, that she did not want to be seen in her costume before the big day. So she may make some appearances at parties beforee the big day, but she really would prefer to keep it quiet. She's cute anyway. Right now she is sleeping between the covers of my bed keeping warm on a heating pad because she knows it's almost time to hibertnate, but she'll be up and atom by the time Halloween rolls around.
On a more personal note, I'm sorry I haven't been writing a lot lately. I've been writing a lot of music of late, and I've been writing a lot of lyrics as well. I'm going back to the singer's lifestyle. After this next pan of cookies, it's gonna be nothing but clear liquids and maybe 1 Pepsi a day. I gotta do vocal workouts so I've been doing warmups and singing along with my old high school choir, A Capella [click on "listen to past choirs"], again. I have to sing in the car, though, because the walls are really thin in my house, so when I sing here, my neighbors get somewhat enraged. So, the next trick is to avoid a sore throat, or strep throat. So back to the singer's lifestyle I go. Not a problem for me, it means I have to get healthy vocally and physically. I'm stoked for that! Anyway, back on the road again. I can't wait to start writing bridges, and playing the piano, and getting away from being so out of practice. Once I get rolling, it'll be good times indeed. Then you all will see me on MTV. Ohh, icky. No, sorry. Jimmy Kimmel Live is more like me. :D



Ahhh, worth1000! I love that site, people use tortoises/turtles a lot for the photoshop contests. WHat is Bea going to be for halloween or is that a secret? I can't tell if I just missed it in the post.

Good luck with the singing! Update once in a while, just so we know you're ok.

12:02 AM  

she wants to keep it a secret, but it is very very cute. well, it's always cute, this is a cute in a..... different kind of way. ;D

12:20 PM  

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