Sunday, November 13, 2005

It came from somewhere!

Ok, Here goes.
I got this from Adena who got it from Trish who got it from Christine who got it from Leslie who got it from Blonde Justice who got it from Skelly who got it from U. Lysses who got it from CBK who got it from Justa Girl who got it from Mishika who got it from P'Nut who got it from some guy named Yoj who doesn't archive past this month so I couldn't go back any farther. What is it? It's not a cold, it's not the other thing you're thinking of....

Here are the instructions: Go to Google and click on the Images link.Type in the following and post the first (or your favorite) picture the search engine finds.
1. The name of the town where you grew up
2. The name of the town where you live now
3. Your name (no "quote-unquote" quotes)
4. Your Grandmother's name
5. Your favorite food
6. Your favorite drink
7. Your favorite song
8. Your favorite smell

Here we go!

Name of the town where I grew up.

The town that I live in now

My full name (my real name didn't produce any results, so I did my first name)

Your Grandmother's Name:

My favorite Food:

(My favorite food is slumgullion, but for some reason alfred packer came up... ?)

Favorite Drink:

Favorite Song:

Favorite Smell:



I'm gonna guess that your favorite smell is a storm approaching (am I right?), but I can't figure out what kind of favorite food could possibly be associated with that picture (buffalo maybe?)......

9:23 AM  

My favorite smell is actually hugo. And the funny thing is that that is the hurricane that hit charleston the hardest. Alfred packer came up when I entered in slumgullion. I don't know what that is.

6:25 PM  

Maybe Alfred invented watery meat stew or something (or just ate alot of it)?

9:15 AM  

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