Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Wrong topic

Sorry y'all. I was at work looking for a topic, and I had no idea what to write about. I didn't forget the person in Denver, I was just being retarded. I got myself some new shampoo today, and I'm stoked to try it out. Music writing is coming along well. I almost have one more song finished, and I've got another couple in the works. I can already feel my voice coming back to where it once was; I don't have the range I want yet, but I do have some vocal elasticity that hasn't been there in a while. I don't use that feature as much as some do, but it's handy when I do scales or something. On payday, I'm putting new tires on my car, (well overdue), and maybe new brakes, etc... I might also buy the fabric for my Halloween costume, which will be in direct correlation with bea's. Anyway, just an update on my wonderful world of wankerness. I'm still in love with Seth MacFarlane, and Bono is still my hero. And if anyone hears from Seth MacFarlane, tell him, Go ahead and call me. I can be in California in 4 hours, and yes, he can sing to me all he wants...... :D Peace out home boys.


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