Saturday, November 19, 2005

Car Show!

Today I'm going to a car show, and when I come back I will have pictures!! I'm excited for it! I'll see you all then!

4 hours later...

Hey guess what. I forgot my camera. But I did have other photos developed, and I'm very glad I did. Got some ones from high school, my first year of college and my second year of college. And some photos of family and one of Brian. So we'll see what I do with those. I'm off to watch the game. Clemson VS South Carolina Gamecocks, (YES, their mascot is a gamecock.) I'm rooting for Clemson. They truly are the better team. Anyway, see you!

Clemson won!! So I won an ice cream from Sonic. Hooray! I'll post later tonight after I've cleaned up the house and my room a bit. Viewer Discretion is advised.


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