Tuesday, November 15, 2005

What I saw today!

Ok, I just lost this post because my Windows POS went to hell on me. Lets try this again. It's not every day that a person gets to see a bridge exploded. Since the Arthur Ravenell Bridge has been opened, the two previous bridges, the Grace Memorial and the Silas Pearlman bridges are being torn down. The new bridge is 8 lanes wide and slightly higher. It is also the largest cable stay bridge in north america. The Grace Memorial was built in 1929, and up until 1963 was two lanes, one going each way. It was scary enough driving two cars one way. Can you imagine driving a 1957 Thunderbird down that thing with oncoming traffic? It was so narrow. So in 1963 the new Silas Pearman bridge was opened, and the Grace became one way toward Charleston from Mount Pleasant. The Silas was three lanes, two going toward Mount Pleasant, and one going toward Charleston. It is interesting to hear about the history behind these bridges. People have driven off of them, (most not on pourpose), some have jumped, and some have survived! It is impossible to survive a fall from the new bridge, just for the record. Personally, I'm glad to see the old bridges go. They are rusty and very dangerous. When we did the cooper river bridge run across the silas, it was shaking so much it was throwing people down. I'm glad to see them go, but I understand their importance in our history. We have moved on, and now we've got a beautiful bridge with a large warranty and a lot of safety in mind. Thanks for getting us around old bridges, and we'll never forget you. (please click on the picture to see a better comparison. The grace is on the left, the Silas is in the middle, and the Arthur is on the right. This was before the bridge opened for business, so you can see the cars on the other two scary bridges.)



That's pretty cool! I saw pictures elsewhere, but didn't realize you were near that!

I watched on tv the kingdom (Seattle's old baseball stadium) blow up...I didn't want to go near it when they did it. Blowing up stuff is neat.

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