Sunday, November 20, 2005

The list

Today I'm going to talk about a list I started when I was a senior in High School. I'm not going to post the whole thing here, because it is 9 pages long, and quite negative. It's called my "things that annoy me list." This list has 446 items on it, and I haven't worked on it in months. And that's what I would like to talk about. It has been months since I've put anything on my list, and I'm so happy about it. It means that I'm letting less and less get to me. It means not as much stuff makes me angry. There are people's names on this list, mainly people I went to highschool and college with, and people I worked with, and customers, and habits, and situations. This is all my collaboration, nobody else has helped me with this, although there are things on this list that people suggested, but I put it together myself. I have a disclaimer on my list that if you are offended by these things, you shouldn't be. I do some of these things as well, although I try not to. I will sample some of my favorites.

5. People who add a k to the end of -ing words [runnink]
7.People who move their lips while I'M talking
23. People who Nyum Nyum while they eat
138.When I hit my shin on the dresser/ door/ table
199. When a stapler doesn't work
200. When I'm doing something obvious- (painting, typing, etc) and someone comes up and asks me what I'm doing
244. People who drop off the end of their senten...
283. When people can't stand or sit still
314. Stupid people [Stupid people is on my list a total If 12 times i think.]
327. When I sprint to the phone and on the second ring (the time I pick up) the other person has hung up

You get the idea. My list is quite offensive in parts, and that's why I'm not posting the whole thing on here. I think it's funny to see the things that used to piss me off, and now no longer do. I think it's great. I am not getting as rattled as I once had. It was a really great tool to vent, especially those universal annoyances that we all have. And those are the things that make us human. Those are the little nuances that make it fun to make fun of people. I love to watch people and see what they do during the day, at the mall and at the business. Especially working at a hotel. It's funny to see the stuff people do in the morning during breakfast, and some little things that used to bother me, no longer do. There are still things that bother me, of course, like rude customers, and people that suck at driving, but those things bother everybody. I'm truly growing in many ways, and it feels great!



I notice if I have a large issue in my life, all the little things really bug me too. My previous roommate and I did not get along at all for the last 6 months of our lease. During that time, even the way my co-worker's phone rang would send me outside to scream.

Once we moved out, things settled down. I can deal with the little things now, if I even notice them. Maybe it's similar for you.

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