Thursday, November 24, 2005


So, since today is a day of giving thanks, and most people are talking about what they are thankful for, I decided I would do something a little different. What I'm not thankful for. This is an audience participation excercise, and I want all of you to get involved. Tell me what you are not thankful for.

I am not thankful for the people that break into my car.
I am not thankful for the paper mill.
I am not thankful for assholes.
I am not thankful for other things that I will not mention because I promised not to say his name on my blog.
I am not thankful for stupid cartoons about squid that hump everything
I am not thankful for no insurance and not being able to afford medical care.


This is actually quite a hard task. It's hard to think of something that i'm not thankful for, because for every 1 thing i'm not thankful for, i can come up with 300 things I am grateful for. So lets hear it! What are you ungrateful for?

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<I am not thankful for stupid cartoons about squid that hump everything

wait, what show is this?

I am not thankful for people who exclude me from their life with no explaination (yet still want to be part of Carl's).

I am not thankful for the flu.

I am not thankful for being awake. Why am I up? I should be in bed.

12:49 AM  

The cartoon is Squidbillies. It's so stupid. It's worse than tom goes to the mayor. Which is saying a lot because tom goes to the mayor is probably the stupidist cartoon i've ever seen.

5:51 AM  

I agree on the people who exlude me from their life without explaination. It has happened a few times to me, and it's annoying.

6:08 AM  

hmm... I am not thankful for:

1) not being able to think of anything funny to say here

2) being hit over the head and robbed by they-know-who-they-were in Nashville just a few months ago

3) having to replace everything that was stolen from me

4) people who play mind games because they're lives are so empty they have nothing better to do

5) politicians, corporations and the media assuming every single person in the world is as simple-minded as they'd like us all to be

I can see I'm just going to get myself all worked up if I continue, so that's enough of what I'm unthankful for...hope you're unthankful for my participation, no wait... :-)

9:22 AM  

6) people like me who double check the spelling on comments they've left and then correct their mistakes - for instance, my error in number 4 above.....

8:45 AM  

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