Saturday, November 26, 2005

New Thing

Ok everybody. I have this new thing I'm doing now on my blog. It's great because anyone can participate. This is the new home for "things that annoy me." For EVERYBODY! It's great. Basically, you'll be commenting on this blog, but you don't have to try and find it each time you come here. All you have to do is click on "Annoyed" underneath my Linky Dinky's, and add your own! I will monitor this closely, so there will not be any put downs or direct insults to others. Such behaviour will not be tolerated. Come on, we're adults. Anyway, it'll be a great way for you all to vent, and for us all to laugh! :) Enjoy!



Alright everyone. Lets hear it! My first one is:
People who come up to me when I'm talking on the phone, WORKING on the phone, and demand something stupid like shampoo.

4:54 PM  

people who repeat the last two words of every sentence you say.

Your father

People who dont say hello or good bye on the telephone.

Smokers and everything about smokers, the way they pollute the air when we drive behind them, the way they ruin anyones meal, the way they smell. PEE U

7:27 PM  

People who can't take time from their silly phone calls to get me something simple like shampoo or lotion or whatever..... :-)


11:12 AM  

People who whistle all day long as if they haven't got a care in the world, but in reality they're totally depressed.....

11:12 AM  

People who think they are allowed to do a job that they are not supposed to do. Tell me people, would you feel comfortable if you found out that a VAN DRIVER went into your room while you were away? Meen either.

10:34 AM  

People who blame me for their mistake. (#327)

8:33 AM  

people who steal my jokes

9:08 AM  

ass kissers
Suprisingly not already on my list. Not only that, but people who don't ever get in trouble. They lie, steal, cheat, and are always being threatened by mngmt to be fired, but they don't even get written up. That just annoys the hell out of me. And these particular people are smug about it. Glad they never get in trouble. And they like to show it off. but if I wear the wrong necklace, I get yelled at by 6 different people, including the van driver and housekeeping. Work is a pisser.

5:11 AM  

My current employment situation. It annoys me. Im not bitching, i'm just saying it annoys me.

9:52 PM  

Self important business men. #221

7:32 AM  

Radios that wont tune to my station. Tv's that have a regular channel come in blurry and double pictured, or not at all. (I don't get channel 5 (TWC) Channel 6 is black and white (FOX) and channel 4 is scrambled (TNT) I have a family member that works for comcast ffs youd think they could fix this!!

9:03 PM  

that was a crazy picture and totally disturbing! lolz..why did you put that piture up? just curious...

4:02 PM  

People who ask me to repeat myself! AUGH LISTEN TO ME MOFO!!

7:06 AM  

when i can't fucking find something.

2:10 PM  

MEN who correct you when you say mister instead of DOCTOR.

"Mr. Asshead, I see tha--"
"I'm sorry, DocT-or dickhead..."

11:19 AM  

Working for a bunch of idoits and not getting paid enough for it.

8:10 AM  

HA! I know where you work!!! ;)

11:33 AM  

Fat ugly housekeepes that have no fucking Idea waht they are talking about. I could STRANGLE her!!!! And this fucking buliding- I hate this place and I have no idea why I come back every day!!!!!

6:56 AM  

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