Saturday, December 10, 2005

What I'm thinking about right now:

I have been playing with Google Local all night. What a cool thing that is! I found my address, I found my house in wyo, I'm looking at denver. I can't download google earth on my computer (cuz of the shitty OS) but this is pretty cool itself. i'm unhappy with my settings on this computer cuz i can't look at very much of the screen, but I'm sure once i play with it a little bit it'll be great. This is way cool though you guys. Check it out! It's a short post I know, but at least it's a post.



you were right - this is neat! The St. Louis Arch and the Great Wall of China looked pretty cool...the Grand Canyon imagery wasn't so good...Mt. Rushmore was barely recognizable, but only because I've been there before.

10:43 AM  

I love to play w/ that thing!

I found my house that i grew up in as a kid....up to the house i live in now.

The best one was the house i lived in, in CA. Our neighbor lived in this giant mansion that you couldn't see from the road, and he had a golf course in his front yard. I always wanted to see his house....and w/ this, i finally got to see how ginormous it was!

12:16 AM  

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