Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I know i need to post everybody, so i'm gonna pull one here at work. i'm not on midnights anymore, which makes me want to shoot myself, but I did get to go out last friday night, (something i've done twice before in my life) and it was a good time. Very very good time. Anyway, i'm here listening to christmas music, wanting to shoot everyone else in the head, and rock the christmas tree right off the cliff. And throw the winter wonderland a nice hot sun. it's mostly bing crosby, sinatra, and nat king cole, which is alright in moderation. but for 8 hours, it can be a little aggrivating. plus with a hummer (man humming) and tapper (man tapping) out of key and out of rhythm it can be even more difficult to not rip out his windpipe. but i digress. anway, i'll put up a full post as soon as i dont feel like falling over.



Oh, you're so funny Elizabeth - I was actually laughing out loud while I read this! You forgot to mention maybe burning down an orphanage or kicking a homless person or something too lol...Just kidding! Wow, your last two posts are like night and day - but I must say you are a very funny lady even when you're feeling negative :-)

6:34 PM  

Is it the same cd over and over again? I remember that torture at my last job.

5:21 PM  

This is me agitated. You should see me full blown pissed off. :D

8:56 PM  

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